Issue 19July 2018

News Roundup

As temperatures soar, spending habits increase

Warmer weather, longer days and more to do! The summer months certainly provide opportunity for more activity and less dreariness. However, with credit report provider Noddle finding a £154 increase in monthly expenditure across the summer months, your wallet could be feeling the heat more than you are.

A study carried out by personal finance app provider Money Dashboard found that between April and May alone expenditure on enjoyment and transport increased by more than 14%. Whether its visiting family, dining with friends or traveling to the nearest beach - summer drags people out of their homes and into the sun which, unfortunately, means more opportunity for spending.

Why do people spend more in the summer?

The answer is simple, according to Noddle... there is simply more to do. Children breaking up for summer holidays provide a peak in travel to foreign climes, as well as the sheer number of festivals held in and around the UK between May and September that contribute to the huge rise in spending.

The hidden danger of summer spending

The problem is that people are relying on credit to fund their fun in the sun. A study carried out by pension adviser Portafina showed that a fifth of British people spend impulsively to stave off boredom. However, with Britain already overspending with money they don't have this could pose a long-term impact on personal finance plans and the British economy. 

To avoid the long-lasting burn of over-indulgence in the summer months its important to stick to a budget plan, taking into consideration the cost of travel, food and even ticket entry into activities such as the Zoo or public swimming areas.

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